Our range of commercial services support marine projects from construction to stevedoring and everything in between.

Workboat hire/charter

With or without crew. Fast mobilisation and demobilisation.

Tug hire/charter

Ideally suited for short and long range marine towing.

Barge hire/charter

A wide range of barges to suit all commercial projects.

Pontoon hire/charter

A wide range of pontoons to suit varied commercial applications.

RIB hire/charter

RIB hire for qualified private individuals or commercial helms.

Safety boat hire/charter

Safety boat hire and charter for marine construction projects.

Marine services

Specialist marine services to support our customer’s projects.


Both capital and maintenance. Small scale and large scale.

Outfall pipes

Construction support services. Repair and installation of outfall pipes.

Pollution spill response

Response and management of oil and other pollution spills.

Vessel salvage

Expertise in advising and completion of marine salvage operations.

Emergency response

Experts and specialised equipment for marine emergency response situations.

Fishfarm installation & cage towing

Towing feed barges and cages along with anchor handling and installation.

Diving services

Support for marine civil engineering and surveying diving operations.

Overwater site investigation

Support for all types of marine ground investigation projects.

Geotechnical surveys

Including CPT, vibrocore and grab sampling.

Marine consultancy

Solutions, advice and support for all marine related projects.

Marine logistics

Including transportation of materials or equipment by sea.

Ships agents

Local expertise and know-how for sourcing cost effective solutions.

Line handlers

Retrieval, handling and securing mooring lines for smooth operations.


Including transportation of materials or equipment by sea.

Crew transfers

Fast, reliable crew transfers for logistical support.

Boat sales

In depth experience in procurement and disposal of marine assets.

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